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Let’s be honest, spam email isn’t exactly fun is it? We don’t enjoy it and neither do you, that is why we decided to help you configure an incredible spam filter that comes featured with your Cloud Matrix hosting account. Apache SpamAssassin™ will help keep spam out of your inbox, letting you focus on efficient communication.

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What is Apache SpamAssassin™

Apache SpamAssassin is an open-source tool developed to filter and classify emails while blocking spam. It uses a combination of subject line and body text analysis, Bayesian filtering, and DNS blacklists, to drastically limit and can even prevent spam from reaching your inbox.

Read on to learn how to create a spam filter using Apache SpamAssassin.

How to create a spam filter

Log in to the cPanel account for your domain. See our “How to log in to cPanel” guide if you are unsure how to do this.

Scroll down to the “Email” section of your cPanel dashboard.

Click on the “Apache SpamAssassin” button.

Apache SpamAssassin button

Since this is your first time setting up your spam filter, click on the “Enable Apache SpamAssassin” button.

Enable Apache SpamAssassin button

You will see a success message.

Enable Apache SpamAssassin success message

Click the “Go Back” button.

Go back button

Click the “Enable Spam Box” button.

Enable Spam Box button

You will see another success message.

You are now ready to set up email filters and specify the intensity with which you would like SpamAssassin to filter your mails.

Navigate back to your cPanel dashboard using the icon in the top left.

cPanel dashboard icon

Scroll back to the “Email” section and click on the “Global Email Filters” button.

Global Email Filters button

Click on the “Create a New Filter” button.

Create a New Filter button

Set a name for your rule. We used “Spam box” in this example.

Filter Name field

In the “Rules” section, select “Spam Bar” from the first dropdown, and “Contains” from the second dropdown.

In the next field enter a spam score using a series of (+) symbols, with 5 being an adequate score for an individual user.

Rules field

Next, under the “Actions” section, set the dropdown to “Deliver to Folder”, and set the name of the folder to “spam”.

Actions field

Finally, click the “Create” button.


This activates your spam filter, you will see a success message letting you know that you spam filter is now active.

Filter creation success message

Remember: Be sure to check your “spam” folder regularly to make sure that real mails are NOT being marked as spam incorrectly. It is also a good idea to empty your spam folder regularly to save disk space on your mail server.

If you run into any trouble please always feel free to open a support ticket through your client area, or by sending an email to support.