How to set up an automatic out of office reply

Cloud Matrix chose cPanel for your email hosting, and for good reason. It comes with many useful features, giving you greater control over your communication. One of these features is the “Autoresponder” which let’s you set up an automated reply message that can be sent whenever someone sends you an email.

This can be pretty useful for when you won’t be at the office for a while. So the next time you go on an exotic holiday, let your contacts know by setting up an automatic out of office reply.

Here is a step by step guide to creating an automated reply:

  1. Login to your “Client Area”.
  2. Click on “Services”.
  3. Under ”Product/Service”, click on the domain you want to create the responder for.
  4. Under “Quick Shorcuts”, select the “Autoresponders” icon. The cPanel Autoresponders window will open in your browser in a new tab.
  5. Under the “Managing” heading, select your domain from the dropdown.
  6. Under “Modify/Add Autoresponder”, click the “Add Autoresponder” button.
  7. Configure your autoresponder:
    • Character Set: Leave this as utf-8 unless you know what you are doing.
    • Interval: Set this to 0 if you want the autoresponder to activate every time you get an email. If a person sends you more than one mail, it can become quite frustrating if they receive an automated response each time they send a mail. If you want to combat this, the interval can be set to a number of hours to wait between responses to the same email address.
    • Email: This is the email address you want the reply to come from.
    • From: Set a from name so your contacts know who the reply is coming from.
    • Subject: Create a subject line that you want in the reply message.
    • HTML: Only check this box if your reply includes HTML.
    • Body: This is where you would enter the main message. Include as much information here as you feel might be relevant.
    • Start: Set this to “Immediately” if you want the responder to start right away. Select “Custom” and set a time, if you want the responder to start later.
    • Stop: Set this to “Never” if you would like the responder to run indefinitely. Again you can choose “Custom” if you want more control.
  8. Finally, Click on the “Create/Modify” button to save the autoresponder.

Still not sure? Check out this video or contact support.