Cloud sites

Cloud sites are websites powered by the cloud. Get the last website hosting plan you will ever need.

A simple set of cloud computing tools at your fingertips.

Our mission is to speed up, simplify, and secure cloud computing technology to free you up for what you love.


Contract free

Trust takes time to build, which is why we have decided to free you from contracts. You can cancel before the 25th if we don’t absolutely blown your mind.

Enterprise support

Bet that when you contact us, you will be greeted with friendly, well trained people. Our goal is to help you solve your problem and make you smile.

99.9% uptime

We know how important uptime is. That is why we spent so much time building a sturdy, highly available and redundant network that will keep your site or app online 24/7.

High speed solid-state drives

Cloud sites are built on an all SSD cloud architecture. Because everything runs on the latest solid-state technology, you are guaranteed the highest possible speed and performance for your website.

Lightning fast network

Our servers are hosted in a top teir datacentre. The server architecture includes a redundant, fault tolerant 40Gbps network. This is how we guarantee the uptime and throughput of your website.

Credit on sign up

Try us out. You get credit when you sign up with us. Credit comes with no obligation and will be automatically applied to your invoices. Just our way of saying thanks.

Happy clients

Listen to what our happy clients have to say about cloud matrix.

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